Download: A step-by-step guide to website replatforming

Are you starting to see the signs that your business is outgrowing your current website? Tracking customer activity on the site could be a challenge, changing content is taking days instead of minutes, and personalisation seems like an impossible dream – not to mention clunky integrations and messy code behind the scenes.

Whether replatforming is an absolute necessity for your business and your customers, or you’re making a conscious decision to level-up your marketing efforts, a new website is an exciting opportunity to enhance both your digital presence and customer experience.

The decision to design and build a new website on a brand-new platform is however a big one – and we know from speaking with our clients, that it can be a daunting prospect too.  

The replatforming roadmap

One of the biggest hurdles to replatforming is knowing where to start and how to get the wheels in motion to begin with. That’s why we have collaborated with Optimizely to publish a 4-step guide to kick-starting your website replatforming project.

Based on our experiences with the brands we’ve worked with, we’ve identified the core steps it takes to get your website replatforming project off the ground. We call this the ‘replatforming roadmap’ and we touch on everything from understanding your requirements to crafting the brief, right through to choosing your partner and project kick-off.

4-step process diagram

At each stage of the journey, the guide contains insights and recommendations from industry experts who’ve learned a thing or two along the way, including:

  • Advice from John Prior (Solutions Director at 26) on thinking about ‘outcomes’ rather than ‘requirements’ when defining your website needs
  • Guidance on building a business case and predicting ROI from Optimizely’s Dean Barker
  • Tips to ensure effective communication with key stakeholders from Ellie Foxton-Brown (Client Services Director at 26)
  • A discussion around which working methodologies are the most effective with Chantal Knox (Head of Project Management)
  • And lots more...

Download the guide

You can download your copy of 26 & Optimizely ‘The road to replatforming’ guide here

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