Adapting website content for the ‘new normal’ and evolving customer needs

Lorna Foott,

You will have all observed how businesses have adapted and continue to adapt to our ‘new normal’. What do we do with this time where we’ve perhaps seen a downturn in customers, a change in our customer type, the products they buy or their expectations of us, our offer and how we communicate?

We know that content is critical to a website’s success. It supports organic reach, it helps orientate and direct the user and it enables your brand experience messaging. Mastering your website content, especially on content-heavy sites, is a big and continual job and our partners over at Episerver can help, for free, during this lockdown period.  

As part of their “Come Back Stronger” campaign, Episerver are offering resource-stretched content teams a free 3-month trial of their website content diagnostics tool that you can run on your website (it applies to any website using any CMS).

The tool is a spin-off from Episerver’s Idio acquisition last year and presents a great opportunity to use AI to analyse the content on your website and see what’s performing best and what gaps in content remain. The implementation is super easy, you just drop a simple tracking tag onto your site to get it working.  

The tool includes:

  • A real time content audit accessed via a dashboard. The audit will review and tag your website’s content using Natural Language Processing to help you understand and group your current content types.
  • Engagement insights. You will be able to see what content is engaging your site visitors and how their interests evolving.
  • Content strategy. Identify what content topics are missing and what content you should be spending your focus on now.

You can find out more and sign up directly to the tool here.

Alternatively, we're an Episerver Gold Partner and we’d love to help you with any enquiries.  Please contact me directly via to discuss.

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Lorna Foott, Head of Business Development

Lorna is Head of Business Development, specialising in UX, website design and development.

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