Whitepaper: how to create an effective web content strategy

Helena Jones - Marketing Executive,

As a brand leader in today’s rapidly advancing digital world, you’re in relentless pursuit of meaningful customer experiences. But have you ever struggled to implement the strategy you need to align the performance of your website content with your business goals? 

Right now, many brand, marketing and digital transformation experts are battling the complexities of content-rich websites. Defining a high-performing web content strategy in 2022 is more multifaceted and challenging than ever. From targeting multiple audiences and designing for key user journeys, to driving conversions through data and insight, it’s all about empowering teams to publish engaging and effective content at scale and pace.

Why is an effective web content strategy so important in 2022?

Today’s web content landscape presents both more challenges and more opportunities than ever before. Connected technology has become increasingly prevalent, with the global pandemic rapidly accelerating the digital transformation already underway. According to Microsoft’s CEO, during the pandemic, we’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months, as people’s shopping, communication and working behaviours changed to embrace remote connectivity.

Build a strategy that connects and converts

In our latest whitepaper, we collaborate with our DXP partner Optimizely to explore the current state of play of content strategy for the web. By unpacking six core challenges facing enterprises with content-rich websites, we discuss the approaches and operations needed to deliver an effective web content strategy that connects and converts.

We Discuss:

  • Aligning internal stakeholders on the purpose and importance of your site
  • Understanding complex audience groups and how to serve them
  • Evaluating which content will help you achieve your business goals
  • Empowering teams and implementing people-centric governance
  • Measuring content performance and continuous improvement

Download the whitepaper and level up your website content strategy. 

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