Eliminate doubt – using biometrics testing to improve web performance

Lorna Foott - Head of Business Development,

So, how is your website really performing? Do you have a clear handle on what you can do to improve engagement and dial your customer’s digital experience up a notch? We all have an idea of what’s working and what we’d like to change on our website, but a short programme of user experience testing in lab conditions can validate your investment decisions and (in many cases) throw up blind spots that your organisation hadn’t even considered.

Most of you will be familiar with eye tracking testing but our onsite user testing lab takes this even further by integrating the type of biometics software previously only used by leading academic institutions. Our approach tracks the brain’s activity, eye movement, facial expressions and sweat response in order to build a full picture of how effective a user finds your website or marketing journey.

EEG testing

We utilise advanced EEG (electroencephalogram) tests designed to monitor electrical activity in the brain while our users navigate through creative content, whether that’s a website or any creative messaging used to advertise products and features. This test measures a user’s attraction or avoidance to certain features on a website in real time, meaning we can measure the effectiveness of features they interact with and pinpoint any issues in the user journey.

Eye tracking and skin response

The second half of our biometrics set up utilises our eye tracking and galvanic skin response technologies, which is often coupled with the EEG to form a very rounded picture of how users are interacting with your media. The eye tracking and skin response measure is known as ‘valence’. This shows the strength of an emotional response, allowing us to not only identify the moment users are responding to your media, but also what emotions they exhibit and the strength of that particular emotion.

Session observation

During our testing, users are asked to perform a series of tasks on a website or prototype. Our testing facilities allow both moderated and unmoderated tests to be conducted.  These can be streamed and observed from another room with real time views of the participants reactions, alongside a visual of the biometrics outputs.

When running testing in our user labs, we can recruit specific participants for each test programme or work with your organisation’s own customer database.

If you are interested in how you can use our biometric labs to enhance your marketing effectiveness or website performance, please get in touch for a chat.

Want to see an example of our lab work in practice? Check out our research uncovering which of last year’s Christmas ads emotionally connected with consumers.

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