A spotlight on retail: How to improve your mobile conversion rate

Liz Worsley,

Mobile shopping is bigger than ever, but we are not seeing conversion rates to match. 

The latest B2C Retail Benchmark Report from Episerver is based on billions of ecommerce sessions. It predicts mobile share of traffic will exceed 60% during peak shopping events. However, the report shows mobile conversion rates still trailing behind desktop. So, why do so many retailers and brands see this gap between their mobile traffic and sales?

Graph showing conversion rate by device

In a downloadable guide, brought to you by 26’s UX and CRO specialists, we examine the trends in consumer behaviour and share with you proven practices to give your customers a better mobile shopping experience, and ultimately, improve your conversion rates.

We identify some common user experience issues specific to mobile, look at broader opportunities to optimise customer behaviour and motivation (including personalisation) and we emphasise the importance of understanding your customers and taking the guesswork out of your customer experience design.

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