Increase your digital agility with a Headless CMS

John Prior - Solutions Director ,

CMS generations have historically come in two waves: the first wave creates new possibilities, and the second wave makes those possibilities more widely achievable.

We’re now in the second wave of Headless CMSs, and if you’ve previously rejected a headless approach because it seemed too complicated to deliver great results, now could be the right time to re-evaluate.

Traditional CMSs aren’t about to go away: they’re still frequently the best bet for web-focused digital teams with large content bases and an emphasis on customer experience orchestration - and we do foresee continuing convergence in capabilities between headless and traditional platforms over the next few years. But right now, if you’re looking to build flexible, performant content delivery channels with great user experiences and the ability to deploy new content, sites and experiences at pace, it’s likely that a Headless CMS could be the right choice for you. 

Old problems with headless for the web relating to client-side rendering and SEO performance are being solved by rapidly maturing JavaScript frameworks and deployment tools. Increasingly sophisticated serverless hosting capabilities and SaaS tools built on them can now deliver the scalability, edge performance and infrastructure cost advantages that previously needed specialist setups. And the best of the new generation CMSs are now offering much improved editing and workflow management tools, with sophisticated layout controls and even in-page editing.

Different Headless CMSs have different strengths – API sophistication, framework support and SDKs, editor experience and tools, the strength of their tool’s ecosystem, even their commercial models – any of which can determine which one will best deliver your objectives.

We partner with several leading Headless CMS providers covering both dedicated headless and decoupled headless models – including Kontent, Contentful, Optimizely Content Cloud and Umbraco Heartcore – so we can match you to the right platform. Click here to get in touch.

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