Launching a brand new website for Asda Money

Dani Goodwin,

Back in 2019, we were delighted to be appointed as Asda Money’s dedicated digital agency. The news has been under wraps whilst we’ve been busy working alongside Asda Money’s digital team on an exciting new project, but we’re finally able to share what we’ve been working on behind closed doors and we couldn’t be more excited. This week we are ecstatic to announce the launch of the new and improved Asda Money website

Last year we were appointed to re-design and build Asda Money’s website to enhance its online customer experience and were tasked with developing a flexible CMS solution, increasing on-site conversion, improving SEO performance and enhancing the brand’s analytics and tracking. 

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, we've built the website using Umbraco as its CMS, giving Asda Money’s digital team full flexibility to edit and manage the website in-house. We’ve taken a data-driven approach to experience design in order to improve conversion rates (including first-click testing to validate initial UX assumptions) and our Data Science team have enhanced the site’s analytics ecosystem to track the full customer journey across owned and partner domains.

When chatting to our Director of Clients, Ellie Foxton-Brown, said: “Working with many connected specialists across our agency, we have delivered a data-informed website with UX truly at its core. The site not only looks great but delivers a fantastic online experience for Asda Money’s customers. The new website coupled with improved tracking capabilities and a new search strategy marks a significant shift for the Asda Money brand and we’re confident these changes will drive growth for the business. We’ve worked collaboratively with the Asda Money team every step of the way and are very much looking forward to building on a long-term partnership.”

Katie Walley, Senior Manager at Asda Money, Mobile and Gift Cards, added: “Our Asda Money website is the shop window for our 13 products and is a crucial communication tool between us and our customers to allow them to research, apply and transact on our products. Last year, we reviewed the market in search for a website agency who shared our vision on building a website that was both focused on customer experience and data analytics. It was a competitive process with 26 as the standout agency with vast experience for all things digital. 

The launch of the new website also tied in with a rebrand to align more closely to our Asda mother brand. The redesign of the site has resulted in a much cleaner, modern and easy-to-use channel for our customers. We are thrilled with it and very excited about future developments with 26.”

Check out the Asda Money website here.

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