Umbraco Codegarden 2021 - Putting the user experience back in the digital experience stack

John Prior,

At this year's Codegarden (the official Umbraco conference) - our very own Solutions Director, John Prior, took to the virtual stage to share his views on why we must put the user experience back in the digital experience stack.

The digital space is a heaving mass of technology sectors shouting for attention, stepping on each others toes, never quite in sync with each other. It's not just technical platforms competing with each other, but entire product categories. Composable architectures are already Gartner-speak, but the unfortunate truth is that most digital platforms aren't neatly interchangeable - there isn't a textbook architecture with a defined interface for every component. But nor should there be, says John. 

In an increasingly fragmented digital space, we need to design technical architectures that will deliver the capabilities required to fulfill our users' needs, particularly as those needs spread across more and more touch points and engagement channels across the lifespan of the architecture. During the session, John takes a look at a capability-based assessment model that is oriented towards user experience rather than technology definitions, and considers how, as Umbraco users and partners, we can plan out specific stacks that meet our users' particular needs and work alongside other platforms that are already in place.

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