Arla Foods

Spearheading digital innovation

We’ve been Arla Foods' leading digital experience agency for 5 years. We’ve worked closely with their marketing team to spearhead digital innovation within their business.

A person standing in a supermarket aisle and holding a child in their arms. Both are looking and holding at Arla Foods carton of milk.

The challenge

Arla Foods is the UK’s largest farmer-owned dairy cooperative. Historically, marketing investment was focused on ATL activation, but with a growing need to better connect with consumers, we had to showcase the true value of digital to drive investment.

Two people standing in front of a window on which there are post-it notes, and discussing, while pointing at the post-its. One of the persons is holding a pen.

The solution

We changed the narrative and ways of working. Aligning ourselves closely with Arla’s marketing team, we led the way on key website projects. As our relationship grew, we became Arla’s go-to partner for digital strategy, driving innovation across the board.

Arla's Cravendale website.

Campaign website and interactive game

What we did:

  • Created Arla Open Farm – an evergreen interactive digital experience for parents and children
  • Launched the first Amazon Alexa Voice Skill for Baby&Me
  • Enhanced advertising creative effectiveness and brand experiences through biometric testing in our lab
  • Developed web-based games and campaign websites for multiple brands
  • Improved user experience with a new website for Anchor Butter
  • Led on paid media and search strategy 

Arla Open Farm

Arla Foods famously opened its farms to children across the UK to make learning about farming and dairy both fun and meaningful. We saw an opportunity to reach an even bigger audience, so we took it online. We designed and developed an interactive digital farm that would become an evergreen experience at 3 years on, and the digital farm continues to grow.

Anchor's website.

A new website for Anchor Butter

26 really are a progressive agency. They’ve got clients across every discipline in every category, so the team bring insights from the wider field, outside of our natural line of vision. It’s that disruptor element that starts to get you thinking differently.

Rob Edwards, Head of Media & Digital - Arla Foods
Arla B.O.B's website.

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