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Enabling future innovation through CMS 12

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) is a world-leading manufacturer of pumping solutions and fluid path technologies. By delivering a complex upgrade to CMS 12, we helped Watson-Marlow future-proof its technology platform to enable global growth. 

The challenge

Following a successful global website roll-out (built on Optimizely in 2020), the marketing team set its sights on future phases of development to further enhance user and publishing experience.

With the launch of CMS 12 bringing a new .NET core language and structure, Watson-Marlow enlisted 26 DX to support development and implementation of CMS 12, and align with our strategic digital vision.

The solution

After understanding Watson-Marlow’s digital marketing ambitions and requirements, we recommended upgrading to Optimizely’s CMS 12 to enable future development and innovation.

Moving from CMS 11 to CMS 12 was complex due to the underlying Microsoft .Net architecture. Work included data migration, custom code, new templates and themes, third-party integrations, and extensive refactoring and testing.

The benefits 

The move to CMS 12 has supported Watson-Marlow in supercharging its global marketing efforts. The upgrade brought with it a number of benefits including: 

  • Performance and speed: CMS 12 has provided performance enhancements that have resulted in faster website page load times – having a tangible impact on UX and SEO. 
  • Enhanced efficiency: The CMS interface was refined to make it more user-friendly, with streamlined workflows and improved content management tools enabling the team to deliver content updates at pace. 
  • Scalability for future growth: CMS12 puts the business in an excellent position to take advantage of the full Optimizely tech stack to deliver personalisation and enhance customer engagement. 

The results

50% faster

content publication

30% increase

in site speed

37% increase

in pages per visit and 17% decrease in bounce rate*

Making the move to the latest version of Optimizely's CMS has brought many benefits to how efficiently the team can work with our website content, improvements to behind-the-scenes functionality and the speed at which our content is served to our customers. Our website is currently available in 44 country specific versions, and the team has seen the time it takes to action updates can be reduced by as much as half, when compared to using Optimizely CMS version 11. 

Christie O’Callaghan - Website Manager

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